Birthday, Changes, and Covid-19

I turned 50 years old on March 18th, this year.  I was hoping for a big happy celebration to help with my negative thoughts about this new decade of my life.  I wasn’t (still not) excited about turning 50!  And Covid-19 ended up stealing some of the celebration.  Not only did Covid-19 change my birthday plans, but my business plans as well.  Suddenly, I found myself making some heavy decisions.  As a single mom who’s sole income is GaylaCake, as well as this being my home, fear set in pretty hard!  The final decision was to lay-off half the GC Team, and see if the few of us could keep income generated by providing curbside service.  What happened was a community showed up!  We were so busy that after a few weeks, I needed to bring back another team member.  Eventually, as Indiana opened up a little, I was able to bring back the full team.

I thank God daily for the blessing of my team, this community, and allowing me to keep GC open.

BUT… (there’s always a but)… it’s a continual prayer to sustain GaylaCake.  How do I keep this business going, keep my team employed, keep my home for my teenage daughter, keep pressing on?  These aren’t easy questions to answer.  I catch myself looking at the income each day and wondering how will I ever get all the bills paid and get the needed building repairs?

BUT…. (this is another kind of but)… God provides.  Through the PPP loan and other small business helps, GaylaCake continues!  And not only have we been able to keep the doors open, but we’ve been able to get back to giving back to the community that keeps us going!  I won’t lie and tell you that I’m ever “comfortable”.  I learned a long time ago that a bakery is not a way to sit back and relax!  It’s the hardest work I’ve ever done!  And the financial worries will always be there because the expense to profit margin is as tight as Fat Man’s Squeeze! (Here comes another but) BUT… my faith in the God who put me here is bigger!  And while I can’t take a fancy vacation or buy the best of anything, I look forward to each day doing what I love doing.  GaylaCake has become more than I ever imagined!

So, take THAT Covid-19!